A/B Test Before You Launch

A free, online marketing tool to quickly identify content that converts best

Creating an A/B test is as simple as A/B See

Pick Your Control Page

Identify a web page that you feel can convert better than it currently is.

This will be your control test page, also referred to as the "A Alternative".

Make A Variation

Make a copy of your control page, give it a new name, and alter one element on that page,

For example, a button label, image, header text, or other call-to-action.

This is your test page, also referred to as the "B Alternative".

Tag Your Conversion

Tag your conversion page with our block of JavaScript code.

This code records the number of times your success page has been viewed and whether the view originated from the A Alternative or B Alternative.

Track Your A/B Test

You can track the real-time progress of your A/B tests by logging into your personalized dashboard.

The dashboard reports test page views, success page views, conversion success rates, and visually identifies the current winner for each campaign.

Launch the Winner

Once your A/B test is complete, update your website with the winning content.

Don't forget to update your A/B test campaign URLs with direct links to the winning alternative.